2018 State of the State addresses

Daily News Article - January 10, 2018


1. What is the purpose of the “State of the State” address?

2. Many State of the State addresses are given during the day. The President gives the State of the Union address in the evening.  What time of day is best for a State of the State address?  Explain your answer.

3. On what date will/did your governor give the 2018 State of the State? (See nga.org/cms/stateaddresses)

4. Watch your governor’s State of the State address and answer the following questions. (If the address has already taken place, watch it online by visiting your governor’s website or youtube page, or by doing an internet search for “2018 state of the state+your state/governor’s name”)
Watch last year's State of the State address by your governor and answer the following questions (as well as adding an extra question: How many of your governors promises/proposals did he/she fulfill in 2017?):

  1. Tone is the attitude a speaker takes towards a subject. What was the tone of your governor’s state of the state address?
  2. List some of the things the governor promised to do to improve the economy in your state.
  3. What new initiatives did your governor propose in his/her State of the State?
  4. Which issues did the Governor bypass altogether, or just mention briefly?
  5. Do you think the Governor is focusing on the correct issues? Explain your answer.
    Ask a parent the same question.
  6. What issue presented by your governor was the most important to you or inspired you? Explain your answer.
  7. Did any aspect of the speech disappoint you? Explain your answer.