Tuesday – 9/4/12

Quote of the Week   —   Posted on September 4, 2012

“I never played football because I loved it so much, it was a vehicle to help me do what I really love, which is to reach out and help people.  I am probably much busier than when I was playing.  I am really enjoying my post-career life.”
Curtis Martin, who was just inducted into the NFL Hall of Fame. He is the fourth-leading rusher in NFL history.
Martin oversees the Curtis Martin Job Foundation, which he funded throughout his playing career. He provides both financial aid and hands-on support to single mothers, children’s charities, individuals with disabilities and low income housing providers.

Read about Curtis Martin at: buffalonews.com and espn.com

Watch a video of Martin’s NFL Hall of Fame acceptance speech below: [NOTE: Video takes almost a full minute to load after you click “play.”  We’re working on improving this feature.]



Curtis Martin