Tuesday – 9/5/06

Quote of the Week   —   Posted on September 5, 2006

“We were forced to convert to Islam at gunpoint. Don’t get me wrong here. I have the highest respect for Islam, and I learned a lot of good things about it, but it was something we felt we had to do because they had the guns, and we didn’t know what the hell was going on.”
Steve Centanni, Fox News Reporter on his release after being kidnapped by Palestinian terrorists, August 2006

“They chose Islam and that is a gift that God gives those whom he chooses.”
from a statement by the kidnappers

“Yes, and what an appealing faith these thugs must believe Islam is, that conversions have to be effected at the point of a gun. ….
…We’re dealing with a terrorist, gangland-style enemy, which I think it’s fair to conclude, and this episode only further illustrates it, must be defeated.”

Brit Hume on Fox News Sunday (8/27/06) discussing the kidnapping and forced conversion to Islam of Fox newsmen Steve Centanni and Olaf Wiig by Palestinian terrorists.