Medal of Honor recipient

Quote of the Week   —   Posted on October 22, 2013

Former Army Capt. William Swenson receiving the Medal of Honor, which is nation’s highest military honor.

“This award was earned with a team, a team of our finest. This medal represents them. It represents us.”

Former Army Capt. William D. Swenson of Seattle, Washington, upon receiving the Medal of Honor last Tuesday, four years after risking his life in Afghanistan.  President Obama awarded the Medal of Honor to Capt. Swenson during a ceremony in the East Room at the White House on Tuesday, Oct. 15, 2013. Swenson was being awarded the Medal of Honor for his actions in a lengthy battle against the Taliban insurgents in the Ganjgal valley near the Pakistan border on Sept. 8, 2009, which claimed the lives of five Americans, 10 Afghan army troops and an interpreter.

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