Monday 5/16/11

Human Interest News   —   Posted on May 16, 2011

Sometimes, it’s hard to tell the bad guys from the good guys.
A prisoner in a Buffalo jail lost a tooth when he stepped in to break up a fight — between two guards. The officers were battling over a bag of potato chips.

It was a race against death.
A Florida woman competing in a triathlon paused in the middle of the race to save the life of a competitor — then went on to finish the event. Cardiac nurse Teresa McCoy, 37, saw cops working on the man, and stopped to perform CPR and use their defibrillator to bring him back to life.

They croaked. Because they croaked.
A man in Bochum, Germany, was fined after he gunned down his neighbor’s pet frogs. He said he couldn’t sleep because of all the noise the amphibians were making.

It’s the great canine escape.
Jack the German shepherd escaped from a Medford, Ore., veterinary clinic by pulling open his cage door and tripping the deadbolt on the building’s back door. Jack also ripped open four bags of dog food and set off motion-detector alarms. He was found seven miles away, and vets declared him recovered from the flu.

He Picked the wrong guy
A would-be carjacker was left beaten on the side of a Florida road, after picking the wrong victim, cops said. Richard McCandles, 54, demanded that a driver hand over his keys, but the victim didn’t comply, cops said. Instead, the would-be victim beat McCandles and drove off, according to authorities.

Above reports are from The New York Post. Reprinted here for educational purposes only.