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Human Interest News   —   Posted on April 27, 2009

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Wind damage
Two golfers at an East Fishkill, N.Y., country club were apparently enjoying a leisurely game when they suddenly found themselves trapped under their golf cart. Witnesses told police that the two men had been in the path of a small funnel cloud, or a “dust devil,” that flipped their cart over. “What we had was a weird little wind event,” Police Sgt. Kevin Keefe told the Associated Press. Once free, the two men refused treatment for abrasions and resumed their game.

Hours apart
After 67 years of marriage, death did part Lyle and Anita Yingling-but not for very long. Early on April 11 Anita Yingling, 93, died in her sleep at the Yinglings’ family home in Troy, Kan. Six hours later, Lyle, 95, died. The couple reportedly had been heavily involved in their local church and community, and their April 15 funeral drew a standing-room-only crowd. They were married in August 1941 after four years of dating each other. “She always said she didn’t think he’d ever ask her,” son Jason told the St. Joseph News-Press.

Stamped out
Perhaps he should have sent a friend to buy stamps. Pennsylvania 47-year-old Alfonso Rizzuto was arrested by police after a Kingston, Pa., post office employee noticed that Rizzuto’s face matched a mug shot on the post office’s wanted poster. The postal worker called the cops who arrested the Scranton, Pa., man. Rizzuto was wanted by Scranton police on forgery, theft, and illegal use of a credit card.