Monday 01/30/12

Human Interest News   —   Posted on January 30, 2012

The Leaning Tower of Pisa has competition.

A committee of British MPs is trying to find a way to keep Parliament’s famous clock tower from tilting further, after surveyors found out it was indeed leaning.

Construction expert John Burland said, “If you stand in Parliament Square and look towards it, you can just see that it moves very slightly to the left.”

“But I wouldn’t put any political slant on that,’’ he quipped.

OK, Old-timer, Don’t Give Me Any Trouble — POW!

A mugger approached an 84-year-old man on the street in Cambridge, England, pulled a large knife and demanded cash. The old guy, a retired professional boxer, decked him with one punch.

An embarrassing misspelling of “school” is gone from the street outside a New York City school building.

A misspelled school crossing sign is torn out of the pavement, Tuesday, Jan. 24 2012 on the Lower East Side neighborhood of New York.

Utility workers used heavy machinery to ground up the wrongly placed “H” and “C” in the “SHCOOL X-NG” sign on Tuesday.

The correction was made a day after the New York Post reported the spelling error.

The words were created with industrial “textured tape” that permanently sticks to the asphalt.

Con Ed told the Post that the blunder occurred when a contractor ripped up the street for utility work and replaced the existing markings.

It says the mistake outside the Lower East Side building that houses three schools had been there since July 2010.

Interesting Note:  StudentNewsDaily’s editor used to teach at a school in this building.

A new roller coaster in England should be called The Amputator.

The $31 million thrill ride at Thorpe Park, called The Swarm, had to be redesigned after crash dummies on a test run came back with missing limbs.

A wild moose was no match for an 85-year-old woman.

Dorothea Murphy saw the huge animal attacking her 82-year-old husband near Anchorage, Alaska, and sprang into action.

The 5-foot-tall woman, who weighs 97 pounds, bashed it on the head with a shovel — and it took off.

A New Jersey man’s boat made an Atlantic crossing without him.

Scott Douglas abandoned his 26-foot fishing vessel, the Queen Bee, during a storm off Nantucket in 2008, CBS News reported.

The boat was recently found floating 20 miles off the coast of Spain.


From The Boston Herald and The NY Post.