Monday 01/10/11

Human Interest News   —   Posted on January 10, 2011

Talk about the tail wagging the dog!
Owners of bored border collies, bred to control herds, are renting sheep just to keep their lackadaisical pooches occupied.  A farm in Olympia, Wash., charges $15 per dog to “herd” a 200-head flock of sheep for one day of fun and practice.

Forget “The Little Old Lady from Pasadena” — how about this guy from Fairfield?
Connecticut motorists couldn’t believe their eyes when they saw an unidentified senior — wearing a blue winter coat and sunglasses — cruising down the breakdown lane of I-95 in a motorized wheelchair.  State troopers were dispatched to that stretch of highway in Fairfield but didn’t catch up with the two-wheeled daredevil.

Should have known better
A Southern California man could face up to nine years in prison after he pleaded guilty to filing false tax returns.  The convictions against Albert Bront, 51, will probably put a dent into his career and lead to termination by his current employer.  Bront is a revenue agent for the IRS.

There’s an “app” for this past year
With the flick of voting fingers, 1,000 people at the annual American Dialect Society’s conference in Pittsburgh voted “app” as the 21st annual “Word of the Year.”  App, a shorthand for a smartphone application, beat out “nom” — as in “nom nom nom,” the masticatory sound made by “Sesame Street’s” Cookie Monster.

Wake up and smell the century and a half of science!
MIT, celebrating its 150th anniversary, showed off a host off oddball tech artifacts in a new museum exhibit.  Displays include key 1930s research on how to make the perfect cup of coffee, and notes on what happens to pianos dropped from five stories.

By the editors of The New York Post. Reprinted here for educational purposes only.