Hey, ISIS terrorists have my old truck!

Human Interest News   —   Posted on January 12, 2015

mark-1 plumbingHey, ISIS terrorists have my old truck!

When a Texas plumber sold his truck he never imagined its second life–as a war machine for ISIS.

Galveston-area contractor Mark Oberholtzer said he was flabbergasted when he saw images posted by the murderous terror group of his old pickup being used as a mount for a mobile cannon.

The pictures went viral online because the name and phone number of Oberholtzer’s Mark-1 Plumbing could be clearly seen still on the side of the Ford F-150 as the terrorists cruised throught the desert opening fire.

The plumber told The Daily News of Galveston that he has been denounced as a terror supporter online, even though he had no idea his truck would wind up in ISIS hands afer he traded it in three years ago to a Texas AutoNation dealership.

“A few of the people are really ugly,” he asid of the online insults.

He sadi he didn’t take his name off because the dealership was supposed to do it.  AutoNation told a TV station the truck had been auctioned off and was probably sold several times.

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Chinese cyclist cheats death after being run over by a heavy-duty truck

A man has had a narrow escape after being hit by a 14-wheel truck in China.

The man who was riding a bike in front of the truck was hit by the vehicle, which then drove over him.

The near-miss happened in the city of Ningbo, in China’s eastern province of Zhejiang.

Miraculously none of the vehicle’s 8 wheels hit the man and he emerged out the other side unscathed.

Telegraph – 6:18PM GMT Dec 20, 2014

Watch a video of the incident: